About B Leaders

B Leaders is a training program designed by B Lab Africa to equip sustainability professionals with the tools and knowledge to guide businesses through the B Corp certification process. This program is suitable for internal leaders (employees in management, HR, training, development, quality, audit functions) and external leaders (consultants and advisors)

Applications for October is currently ongoing. Apply here. Deadline for Applications: October 21

Who are B Leaders?

B Leaders are experienced sustainability and CSR professionals who have been trained by B Lab to guide companies through B Corp certification. They come from different industries and regions of Africa but share an in-depth knowledge of the B Corp framework for measuring and managing a business’ impact on all its stakeholders.

What's included in the Program?

Course outline:

4-week Training Programme

  • 1. Introduction to the B Corp Movement
  • 2. Overview of the B Impact Assessment
  • 3. Verification Process & Next Steps
  • 4. Case Study (Practicum)

Access Helpful Resources

The B Leaders Resource Portal hosts all of the B Leaders program material, as well as an exclusive growing library of helpful presentations and training videos.

Learn from other B Leaders

Each program sees the community of B Leaders grow. On completing the course, B Leaders can connect with and learn from a network of experienced individuals who are passionate about using business as a force for good.

Become a B Leader

Join a community of consultants who empower businesses to measure their social and environmental impact using the B Impact Assessment and lead businesses to B Corp certification.

Find a B Leader

B Leaders complete an intensive training programme covering all areas of B Corp certification and the B Impact Assessment. These trained professionals can offer guidance and support to companies thinking about, preparing for or going through the B Corp certification process.



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