Interested in partnering?

Collaborating to innovate, share resources, and drive forward economic systems change is key to achieving our mission. Do you work with a standards organization, NGO, foundation, or other initiative that is interested in a collaboration with B Lab? Get in touch! 

Importance of collaboration

B Lab has partnerships at local, national, and regional levels with a wide range of stakeholders, including private sector, civil society, and NGO networks; public bodies and policy makers; other certification or ethical labelling bodies; multi-stakeholder initiatives and alliances; and academic institutions.

These collaborations are aimed at inspiring best practice amongst businesses, sharing insights and learnings, building and strengthening our standards and impact management platforms, engaging with governments and policymakers to advocate for shared policy goals, driving public awareness and consumer behavior change, and more. 

Global Partners

Our Africa Network

B Market Builder Mauritius

B Market Builder Mauritius is led by the consulting firm Dynamia Associates & Developers. Founded in 2014, Dynamia is pushing the boundaries of regeneration and development by offering unparalleled service and expertise without compromising on respect for people and the planet.

They work with start-ups, businesses, established conglomerates, public institutions, and individuals to provide them with lasting strategic advice and support on day-to-day issues.

Africa. As a globally certified B Corporation, they strive to be recognised as a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit with purpose. In doing so, they bring their purpose to grow people, grow business, and grow Africa to life