B Corp Certification Process

Companies need to be operational for 12 months before being B Corp certified and achieve a minimum score of 80 out of 200 points in the B Impact Assessment.

1. Get prepared

Reach out to us at
[email protected] for a quick introductory call to know your business better and understand the process, expectations and also clarify any questions you may have.

2. B Impact Assessment

Use the B Impact Assessment to measure your social and environmental performance and get recommendations on ways to improve your impact.

3. Get support, improve

Some businesses need to make some changes and set up an improvement plan to become certified. If you need support preparing your application and making improvements, we offer one-one consultation at a fee and are happy to support you during the process.

4. Apply

When you have 80+ points, you can submit your assessment to our Standards Review Team who will evaluate your application. On submission there is a fee of USD 100, that will be factored into your certification fee otherwise it is non-refundable if you do not certify.

5. Verify & improve

Our Standards Review Team will work with you, requesting documents to verify your answers. This step typically takes between 3 to 9 months, depending on company size and complexity and how many improvements you need to make to get to the 80+ mark.

6. Legal Requirement & Certification

With a verified score of 80+ you will be invited to sign the Declaration of Interdependence, download & sign the B Corp Agreement, pay certification fees, and publish your profile on the B Corp directory.

7. Celebrate & share

Announce your certification to your friends, family, partners, clients, customers, suppliers and everyone else! Be loud and proud in sharing your certification.


To finalize certification, sign the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence, sign your B Corp Agreement, and pay your annual certification fees. Fees vary by company size. Listed below are the fees for companies based in Africa. Sign up to stay informed as the discount structure is released. Scroll down to see what your certification fee covers.

Annual Sales Annual Certification Fee
$0 - <$49,999 $300
$50,000 - $149,999 $600
$150,000 - $499,999 $800
$500,000 - $999,999 $1,200 
$1 MM - <$1.9 MM $1,600
$2 MM - <$4.9 MM $2,000
$5 MM - <$9.9 MM $3,000
$10 MM - $19.9 MM $6,500
$20 MM - $49.9 MM $13,000
$50 MM - $74.9 MM $18,000
$75 MM - $99.9 MM $24,000
$100 MM - <$249.9 MM $30,000
$250 MM - 499.9 MM $35,000
$500 MM - $749.9 MM $40,000
$750MM - $999.9 MM $50,000
$1B+ Based on size and complexity of your business**

**To learn more about B Lab’s approach to pricing for large companies, contact B Lab for more information about associated costs.

Does Your Company Fall into One of These Categories?

B Corp Certification comes with additional considerations for certain businesses.


Companies with less than one year of operations


Companies that are publicly-traded or have between $100M and $4.9B USD in annual revenues


Parent companies that have over $5B USD in annual revenue


Parent companies, subsidiaries, franchises, and other affiliated entities

Ready to Get Started?

Register for the B Impact Assessment and start answering your questions about your company’s operations and business model. Along the way, you’ll be able to set goals for improvement, compare your performance to similar companies, and learn best practices pulled straight from the Certified B Corp community.

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