Resilience and Growth in Africa

Leading Sustainable Businesses, Driving Change and International Opportunities

Welcome to the B Lab Africa Summit 2024!

In partnership with IMPACT TRADE, we’re thrilled to host our 3rd annual summit in Johannesburg from September 4th to 5th. Join us as we explore “Resilience and Growth In Africa,” bringing together leaders of sustainable businesses to drive change and seize international opportunities.



Join us at the B Lab Africa Summit 2024, where we’ll be focusing on “Resilience and Growth In Africa” while leading sustainable businesses and driving change towards international opportunities. In today’s dynamic business environment, the strategic significance of sustainable development and climate resilience cannot be understated. Our summit, happening in Johannesburg from September 4th to 5th, 2024, provides a crucial platform to address these challenges head-on.

Through a dynamic mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, attendees will glean insights into innovative solutions and best practices.

By fostering meaningful exchanges and strategic collaborations, our summit empowers stakeholders to spearhead sustainable growth and innovation within their organizations. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to participate in high-level discussions, gain insider perspectives, and champion impactful initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Why Should you Attend the Summit?

Elevate Your Sustainability Journey:

This summit offers a unique platform to explore and expand upon solutions for a sustainable future in Africa. By convening industry leaders, policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, and funders, the event aims to foster collaboration, drive collective action, and promote positive social and environmental impact, empowering your company to advance its sustainability journey.

Expand Your Business Reach:

Joining this summit presents an opportunity to develop your business in new regions across Africa and globally. By connecting with industry experts and stakeholders from diverse sectors, you can gain valuable insights and forge strategic partnerships that open doors to new markets and opportunities.

Tap into Global Networks:

B Lab operates in 98 countries in 162 industries worldwide, offering a vast network of resources and expertise. By participating in this summit, you gain access to a global community of like-minded businesses, enabling you to share technologies, best practices, and growth strategies that can propel your business forward on a global scale.

Summit Experience

Elevating the discourse on sustainability and business resilience, our summit will unfold at a distinguished venue in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 4th to 5th, 2024.

Expect a dynamic blend of keynote addresses, thought-provoking panel discussions, and intimate small-group sessions tailored to foster meaningful exchanges and actionable insights.

This exclusive gathering is meticulously crafted to empower stakeholders across sectors to not only learn and engage but also forge strategic collaborations and champion impactful initiatives.

Engage in high-level discussions, gain insider perspectives, and cultivate strategic partnerships that will drive sustainable growth and innovation in your organization.


We envision launching a series of programs aimed at amplifying the summit’s impact, offering actionable avenues for participants to sustain engagement and contribute to the advancement of sustainable development in Africa.

These initiatives are designed to empower and bolster sustainable growth on the continent by fostering entrepreneurship, providing mentorship

and empowering youth, establishing sustainable business incubators, advocating for climate action and resilience, harnessing the potential of data and technology for growth, and facilitating impact investing and sustainable finance networks. Through these endeavors, we aim to provide mentorship, training, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities dedicated to addressing social and environmental challenges.

Expected Outcomes

The summit aims to foster collaboration, share insights and best practices, and inspire attendees to integrate sustainability into their business operations.

Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, the summit will drive positive change, foster innovation, and create a supportive ecosystem for sustainable business practices in Africa.

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