Amira Mousa

Amira Mousa is an international development practitioner, impact measurement researcher, and consultant. In her role as a B Leader trained by B Lab Africa, Amira aims to contribute to the rising movement that is redefining success in the business world toward a green and equitable economy. Amira has worked across different regions of the World such as North and East Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States of America. 

In Egypt, she has provided consultancies for impact-driven enterprises in the renewable energy and green buildings sectors. Her consultancy services covered a range of offerings from business development and measuring social and environmental impact, to project management. In the MENA region, she has managed multidisciplinary teams to accomplish mega public work projects with ECG, one of the world’s top 100 international engineering consultancy firms. 

In East Africa and Latin America, in collaboration with B Lab, she conducted research to understand the motivations and challenges that SMEs in East & Southern Africa face to measure their social and environmental impact. Amira is a Fulbright alumna with a master’s degree in Sustainable Development Practice with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida, USA. She has been awarded “UF Social Impact & Sustainability Impact Scholar” by the University of Florida to honor her work with impact-driven women-owned enterprises.

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