Aïchatou Touré

Aïchatou Touré is a HR Professional with over 12 years of experience in human resources, management and corporate social responsibility. After starting her career in HR and sustainable development in 2008 and developing it through various experiences in NGOs, start-ups and multinational corporations for several business units based in Canada, the US, India and the UK, she returned to Senegal in 2018. Since then, she has worked to promote HR transformation in West Africa through companies and organizations in terms of strategy, policies, processes, talent management, compensation management, employee experience, organisational development and change management.

Aïchatou believes that linking HR Strategy to Design Thinking and Business can greatly improve Performance, Productivity, Growth and Employee Experience. She actively supports the design, development and implementation of social policies and programs within businesses that aim to positively impact communities, stimulate social change and create transformative benefits for all through stakeholders’ engagement in a sustainable manner.

Aïchatou lives in Senegal and is passionate about swimming, reading, music, politics, travel and social change.

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