Rumalka Amanthi

I am a sustainability strategist and a carbon quantification consultant by profession. I am passionate in building sustainable business models and solving environmental challenges by initiating social and environmental practices. I am holding BSc (Honors) in EcoBusiness Management, SUSL, SL and MSc in Sustainable Management, UOB, UK. Have experienced in implementing green HR, green supply chain, reporting, employee engagements, sustainability related certifications and auditing. Member of Wildlife & Nature Protection Society, Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka and a Toastmaster.

I started my career at Ernst & Young, Sri Lanka and started my journey as a sustainability professional at Aitken Spence PLC, Sri Lanka. Have experience in Tourism industry and handling diversified conglomerates. Contributed developing long term sustainable strategic plans and implementing its action plan by enabling for-profit companies to deliver a positive social and environmental impact.

Then, I joined as the B Corp project lead at Hela Apparel Holdings PLC, Sri Lanka which has the presence in Sri Lanka and African Region. Developed the sustainability ESG strategy for the company completely under guidance of B Impact Assessment and started fall in love with the B Corp and B Movement.

Being the first B Leader in Sri Lanka, I feel the importance of promoting B Corp movement to businesses & business leaders in developing purpose driven responsible businesses and witness the positive change that it brings in terms of economically, socially and environmentally.

Happy to assist any company in developing sustainable business model and leading the shift of becoming a B Corp!

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Governance, Environment, Workers

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