The B Lab Africa 2023 Summit marked a pivotal moment in pursuing sustainable development and climate resilience by organzing a successful summit on the sidelines of Africa Climate Week. The Summit brought together over 240 participants from more than 15 countries, including industry leaders, academics, and government representatives, to participate in 2 panel discussions and 7 breakout room workshops covering 9 topics connected to 1 overlaying theme.
The Summit focused on the crucial role of businesses in fostering climate-positive futures through sustainable models. Discussions revolved around achieving net-zero emissions through waste management and circular economy strategies while balancing economic growth and sustainability. It delved into innovative financing solutions for sustainable economic growth, spotlighting entrepreneurship and youth employment. The vital role of businesses in advancing social and environmental impact adoption was highlighted.”


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Sustainable Finance in Africa

We will explore how the financial sector can be encouraged to engage in sustainable finance directly or via public-private partnerships and how stakeholders can access these services for their businesses.

Data in Business as a Force for Public Good

We will focus on the importance of digitization and access to data in Africa for business innovation, digital transformation, resource management and good governance, and how to work to close the data gap in the region.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Youth

What is the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and human capital? The role of scalability, leadership, and stewardship will be defined by all relevant stakeholders

Environment and Business

Experts will discuss strategies for building resilience to climate change via the just transition model and explore how businesses can balance economic growth with sustainability by protecting natural capital for future generations.

B Lab Africa 2023 Summit


H.E. Giovanna Valverde

Ambassador, Embassy of
Costa Rica and Permanent
Representative of UNEP and UN HABITAT

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