Why join the movement

Businesses that become B Corps have seen great results: increased customer loyalty, market leadership, committed and motivated employees and higher levels of innovation.

As a movement, together, we are challenging the status quo and nurturing an economy that benefits all people, communities, and the planet. We are shifting our economic system from profiting only a few to benefiting all; from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to regeneration, and from prioritizing individualism to embracing interdependence.

Benefits of Certification

Access to market

With B Corp certification, companies join a global community of over 8,000 businesses, across 162 industries and over 101 countries to network, market their products or services and share best practices.

Attract Investment

Investors today are approaching us seeking which B Corps to put their money in because investing with an environmental, social and governance lens creates more long term value for their investment.

Amplify voice

The third-party validation that comes with B Corp Certification helps your company stand out and stand by your mission.

Protect mission

The B Corp legal framework helps you protect your mission through capital raises and leadership changes and gives you more flexibility when evaluating potential sale and liquidity options.

Lead a movement

From tackling youth unemployment and women empowerment to providing access to clean energy and medical technologies, B Corps are on the front lines accelerating high growth solutions to inequality, poverty, unemployment and environmental degradation in Africa.

Constant improvement

Maintaining B Corp Certification through the B Impact Assessment is a powerful mechanism to help your company set goals for improvement, create more positive social and environmental impact, and track performance over time.

Attract Talent

More and more of the workforce makes decisions about where to work based on the positive impact their work creates and how well an employer treats their team.

What is the certification based on?

High-quality social and environmental business standards demand continuous improvement in order to meet principles of inclusion, independence, and credibility.

Developed according to standards best practices and informed by stakeholder input and research, our standards have continuously evolved since our founding in 2006.

The B Impact Assessment and our standards are independently governed by our Standards Advisory Council and Board of Directors with input from external stakeholders and various working and advisory groups.

What does being a B Corp mean to you?

Listen to what one of our Founders in the community has to say!