We’re honoured to present our distinguished keynote speaker, a seasoned diplomat and expert in sustainable development, climate change, agriculture, commerce, and finance H.E. Giovanna Valverde.

Currently serving as Ambassador at the Embassy of Costa Rica in Kenya, our speaker’s prior role as Minister Counselor and Consul General at the Embassy of Costa Rica in Rome, Italy, showcased her exceptional negotiation skills and ability to promote Costa Rica’s sustainable development model internationally.

Of particular note is her significant contribution as Responsible for the Environmental Agenda and Chief Negotiator for UNFCCC at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica. Her involvement played a crucial role in global climate negotiations. She has also held key positions as Director of International Affairs and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in Costa Rica, emphasizing her profound understanding of global agriculture and trade dynamics within the context of private-sector engagement. Join us in welcoming this eminent diplomat and visionary leader as our keynote speaker as we collectively strive for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Dr Vincent Ogutu serves as the Vice Chancellor of Strathmore University in Kenya. His expertise in Organizational Behavior, with a focus on the Psychology of Meaningful Work from Rutgers University, led him to explore how social entrepreneurs infuse their work with purpose.

Beyond academia, Dr Ogutu dives into innovation, presenting his tech creation at Google in
New York and formulating The Innovation Algorithm. He’s an acclaimed speaker, sharing
insights at IESE Business School, Spain, and through a TEDx talk in Barcelona.
Dr Ogutu is a dedicated educator who propels purpose-driven lives, fostering community
transformation via business and innovation. His legacy stands as a beacon of positive change.

Keynote Speaker

Ambassador, Embassy of Costa Rica and  Permanent Representative of UNEP and UN HABITAT

Vice Chancellor, Strathmore University

Empowering emerging markets through expert data-driven decision-making.

Meet Joe, a trailblazer who seamlessly navigates technology, innovation, and government spheres, igniting transformative change in the African landscape. Joe currently reins as the
President of JUMO, a tech powerhouse revolutionizing financial services for emerging market entrepreneurs. At the helm, he fuels JUMO’s growth trajectory, maneuvers through regulatory complexities, and bolsters the company’s footprint across Africa.

Before JUMO, Joe’s leadership shone as the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs from 2015 to 2022. His government experience is invaluable, augmented by a profound understanding of pan-African tech dynamics. Joe’s journey was interwoven with Google’s evolution. As the head of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for Google, he laid the foundation for Google’s presence in the region. His visionary approach and strategic acumen were pivotal in shaping Google’s strategy, operations, and business planning on the continent.

Neha leads the Evaluation and Learning (E&L) Initiative of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). The E&L Initiative is at the forefront of making CIF’s learning laboratory mandate a reality through learning that is evidence-based, timely, and relevant. Neha has over fifteen years of experience in climate, environment, and economic and social development, with deep expertise on evaluation methods, results measurements, and learning.

In the past, Neha worked at the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank on monitoring and evaluation capacity building. She has also worked on evaluative research and program
design with organizations, including the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab and India Infrastructure Publishing. Neha holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and a second Master’s degree in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Senior Evaluation and Learning Specialist, Climate Investment Funds, World Bank

Expert in using data science to deliver impact.

Meet Patrick McSharry: a global influencer in data science and education. At Carnegie Mellon University Africa, he’s a research professor, igniting minds and ideas. Notably, Patrick is the Chief Data Analytics Officer at World Data Lab, orchestrating impactful insights. He’s also the director of the World Bank-funded African Centre of Excellence in Data Science in Rwanda.

With a rich academic journey, Patrick spent 22 years at Oxford University, linked to the Oxford Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, the Mathematical Institute, and more. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a Senior Member of the IEEE. Patrick’s research is a compass for progress. His expertise spans big data, forecasting, predictive analytics, and machine learning. His insights bridge diverse sectors, from insurance to energy, reshaping industries. His legacy is etched in over 100 peer-reviewed papers and three books. He advises international agencies, governments, and firms, driving innovation across domains.

Meet Dr. Mumbi Maria Wachira: a dedicated Accounting Lecturer at Strathmore University Business School (SBS) and Director of Doctoral Academy. Her passion for education and research resonates in her expertise areas: ESG Reporting, Sustainable Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Corporate Fraud.

Beyond academia, Dr. Wachira empowers businesses, training, and consulting on integrating sustainability strategies. Her impact extends to vital roles, such as the Kenya Banker’s Association Sustainable Finance working group, guiding climate risk reporting in financial institutions. Internationally, she’s a driving force in ESG disclosure initiatives, including the ESG Exchange Technical Committee, focusing on South African companies’ reporting cycles. At SBS, Dr. Wachira leads the Sustainability Leadership Programme and serves as the Vice Chair for UN-PRME Chapter Africa. Her influence spans further: a vital member of the Shared Value Africa Initiative Council of 8 and active participation in the B Academics Global Engagement Committee, representing Africa.

Pioneering AXIAN’s Impact in 32 Countries across the Indian Ocean and Africa.

Meet Fanilo, who has been leading as AXIAN’s Impact Social Director since 2019. Although initially from a Marketing and Strategic Management background, she found her calling and redirected her focus toward sustainable development, specifically the societal impacts of private-sector activities. She has over 20 years of experience in the private sector, including over 14 years in new technologies, with the rest accounted for with various terms directly addressing causes such as child malnutrition, drinking water supply, and sanitation.

Mike is a Senior Sustainability Specialist with the CIF Evaluation and Learning (E&L) Initiative.
He has worked at the intersection of sustainable development, learning and change for over 25

Mike is currently leading the CIF’s work on the Transformational Change Learning Partnership (TCLP) and contributes to work on just transitions and strategic program evaluations. In his previous roles in national environmental NGOs, co-lead of regional programs, and international consultancies, Mike has developed, conducted, and evaluated global and local programs on sustainable development. He holds a Masters in International Environmental Science from Lund University, and a Masters of Business Administration from Henley Business School.

Impact Social Director, AXIAN Group

Michael Ward

Senior Evaluation Officer, Climate Investment Funds, World Bank

Shifting waste perception with smart tech, social impact, and quality products

Meet Sonia, an expert in trading recycling material while aching in environmental and social impact.  Before joining Mr. Green Africa, Sonia’s journey was one of purpose and impact. She founded and spearheaded a strategic CSR advisory firm in Kenya, earning recognition as an Obama Foundation Africa Leader in 2019.

Her odyssey with Mr. Green began as the Chief People Officer, where her innovation and leadership shone. Today, she stands as the Country CEO, driving change and progress.

Sonia’s canvas is diverse, with a rich tapestry of international experience. She’s a dynamic Human Resources, Operations, and Project Management leader. Her robust skills, coupled with unwavering commitment, are poised to reshape the African development landscape.

A master in Impact investing and sustainable finance

Meet Edward, a pioneer in finance and business management.  With a career spanning over 18 years, Edward has become a powerhouse in accounting, finance, investment, and administration. His diverse experiences encompass SME business operational management, making him a seasoned expert.

His journey started as Chief Accountant at Nakasero Soap Works, where his financial acumen began to shine. He later advanced to become the Financial Controller at African Agricultural Capital Limited (AAC) and Kilimo Trust. In 2010, Edward played a pivotal role in founding Pearl Capital Partners (PCP), where he serves as the Managing Partner and team lead. His expertise extends across invested’ business boards, where his guidance steers growth.

But Edward’s influence goes beyond numbers. He’s a mentor to young professionals, empowering the next generation. His story is a testament to dedication, expertise, and the power of leadership in shaping business and finance landscapes.

Empowering farmers and mastering carbon markets for change.

Meet Madrin, a leader at the forefront of sustainable and innovative business realms, shaping a brighter future. Her remarkable adventure has earned her accolades, including the prestigious 2023 Top 40 Under 40 Women Business Leaders in Kenya Award by Business Daily and recognition as an EEP Rising Energy Leader in Africa.


With over a decade of experience in business operations management and leadership, Eng. Madrin fuels transformation across engineering, renewable energy, and construction domains. Her expertise has led to groundbreaking projects that redefine industries.

As a visionary leader, she ignites teams to exceed boundaries, orchestrating flawless project execution and charting progressive strategies. Her unwavering pursuit of excellence is the driving force behind the growth of Sistema.bio Africa’s operations.

A champion for green financial growth and sustainability.

Meet Amandine Hardowar De Rosnay: a visionary leader at the helm of sustainable development. A journey driven by a deep sense of social justice has brought her to remarkable heights. Amandine’s voyage began as a consultant, mapping geopolitical risks across East and Southern Africa. Her lens encompassed human rights and environmental due diligence, shaping her early commitment to sustainability. Her expertise evolved, focusing on corporate sustainability in the face of climate change. With a BA in Liberal Arts from Maastricht University, an MSc in Conflict Resolution from the University of Cape Town, and an MSc in Carbon and Climate Change Management from the University of Edinburgh, she’s a true multidisciplinary force.

Today, Amandine is the Head of Sustainability and Inclusive Growth at Business Mauritius. This role isn’t just a title – it’s a commitment to driving meaningful change. Business Mauritius represents the business sector, making her position a conduit for impactful transformation.

Director- East Africa, Sistema bio

Head of Sustainability and inclusive growth – Business Mauritius
Head of SUNREF technical assistance 


An authority on natural capital.

Meet Anton Espira: a Kenyan trailblazer in global sustainability. With a Ph.D. in tropical forest ecology from Oxford, Anton taught climate change at the Environmental Change Institute and Zoology Department. He’s a carbon market influencer, co-founding Eco2librium – a conservation champion spanning the US and Kenya. For 12+ years, it’s fueled forest conservation and clean energy strides in Kenya. Anton’s commitment extends to Solibrium, which brings renewable energy to underserved communities. He’s a B-Corp Africa board member, showcasing his dedication beyond business. Anton’s expertise resonates globally – from World Bank meetings to Responsible Economy Forums. He’s a pioneer in forest-based carbon credits, driving transformation in Kenya. Driven by a love for conservation, Anton crafts innovative paths to unite nature and development. He champions shared benefits, local involvement, and private-sector collaboration, ensuring equitable global sustainability.

Vera is an environmental project designer and implementer. She has 7+ years of experience in conceptualising and managing national and corporate strategies and projects for international cooperation partners such as GIZ, GCA, and WSUP in the sectors of climate change adaptation, Nature-Based Solutions and Green Resilient Infrastructure, WASH, and sustainable finance in Kenya, Madagascar, Ghana, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Germany.

She builds capacity through strategic management and project advisory, implements projects on the ground, and liaises with partner organizations, while reporting to donors and governments.

Vera is passionate about Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), biodiversity conservation, and seeks to mitigate climate change by catalysing finance to climate-positive solutions

Senior Climate and Sustainability Consultant, ImpactDev Africa

With over 15 years of extensive experience, Olivia passionately guides businesses, impact investors, incubators, accelerators, and business networks in their journey towards sustainability. She’s collaborated with more than 1000 organizations, facilitating their grasp of international sustainability frameworks and standards, and effectively applying them. Her expertise spans strategic support for integrating sustainable practices, verifying impact standards, and providing training in diverse sustainability measurement tools.


Olivia’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s earned local and global accolades, including being recognized as an Emerging Leader & Skoll Fellow by the Skoll Foundation and MasterCard Foundation, a Responsible Leader by the BMW Foundation, and a Top 40 Under 40 Women in Business in Kenya. Her influence is further underscored by her inclusion in the Top 100 Most Influential Kenyans of 2018 and 2019.

Priscilla is an Impact Development & Finance Expert leading the Impact development unit at ImpactDev Africa. In her role as the SDG lead & Senior Engagement Manager she has led various projects across Africa that enable SDG and sustainability integration such as the Fuel Africa project cutting across 10 African countries.

 Previously, Priscilla worked with international banks such as Standard Chartered Bank within the fields of credit and finance focusing on the development of small and medium businesses. She has also worked with Dalberg – global development Consultants providing strategies for social impact. She is passionate about business transformation and inclusive development strategies impacting businesses, gaining access to international markets  and accelerating access to green finance. She recently received an award by the EU-Equals (a European Commission project ) promoting gender equity in social innovation. 

 Priscilla holds a Masters degree in Development Economics and Diploma in Economics  from SOAS University of London & Bachelor in Actuarial Science from University of Nairobi

COO, Enda Athletics

Chair of B Lab Africa Board

Senior Engagement Manager, ImpactDev Africa

Leading Sustainability and Policy Expert

Meet Shalom, a legal expert and seasoned sustainability policy guru. With vast experience, he’s molded environmental, sustainability, climate, and CSR programs. Currently Conservation International’s Policy Director in Africa, he spearheads innovative climate solutions through strategic policy.  Shalom shapes policies, collaborating with senior officials on crucial areas like environmental, natural resources, climate change, and oil and gas. His on-ground work, including engagement with indigenous communities, underscores his dedication. He’s partnered with organizations like Natural Justice and Friends of Lake Turkana, tackling complex issues from extractives to land-based investments.


Shalom’s academic journey includes dual degrees in Law and Organizational Psychology from esteemed South African institutions. His certificates in Legislative Drafting, Sustainable Development, Extractives, and Public Policy and Leadership from globally recognized universities showcase his commitment to excellence.

Shaping sustainability, innovating for tomorrow

Nada Negm, the Sustainability & Environment Manager at Danone, is a seasoned expert in environmental management. With an extensive background, she leads environmental monitoring studies, waste management projects, and drives B Corp certification across Danone Egypt and Danone Nutricia Africa. Formerly Project Consulting Coordinator at CID Consulting, her expertise shines. Nada’s commitment  recently earned her a spot at the Camp 2030 Summit in New York, a prestigious event during the UN General Assembly. This innovation lab gathers under-35 leaders to brainstorm solutions for pressing global challenges, focusing on Sustainable Development Goals.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Innovation from the German University in Cairo, Nada advanced her knowledge with a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Engineering from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She’s now pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from AUC.

Her accomplishments include winning a Sustainability Hackathon in 2019 for her waste solution project and co-founding ‘Go Green,’ an environmental educational initiative, in 2015.

Nada Negm: Shaping sustainability, innovating for tomorrow.

Sustainability & Environment Manager, Danone

Juliet founded Greenspoon in 2016 with the mission to provide transparency for customers looking to buy high-quality food that would have a positive social and environmental impact. Her strengths lie in bringing ideas to life. She is a creative thinker with strong strategic and practical experience, able to take a kernel of an idea and turn it into something bigger. She loves a challenge, and believes in the power of small actions by individuals to change the world. She also believes that food can change the world. Ultimately, an optimist, able to see the positive in most situations!

Laila Rupani is the CEO of Adelphi, an ethical, artisan-made luxury accessories brand. She is a champion for the Creative Manufacturing and Handmade sector, and advocates for artisans and makers as a driving force for sustainable economic growth in the Global South. 

Laila is also Co-Founder of Artisan Ventures, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm with a focus on impact investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has a BA in Economics and International Development Studies from McGill University, and an MBA in Global Management from the University of Toronto

Founder & Chief Evangelist (CMO), Greenspoon

Richard Wanjohi is a seasoned professional with a passion for innovation and education. Currently serving as the Senior Manager at iLabAfrica Research and Innovation Centre, Richard brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of data science, analytics, and cyber-security.

With a multifaceted background that includes roles as a Business Development Manager at Strathmore Business School and Marketing Director at Incubate Solutions, Richard has honed his skills in strategic vision, project management, collaboration, and technical expertise. His dedication to quality control and continuous improvement has been instrumental in driving success in various ventures.

Laila Rupani is the CEO of Adelphi, an ethical, artisan-made luxury accessories brand. She is a champion for the Creative Manufacturing and Handmade sector, and advocates for artisans and makers as a driving force for sustainable economic growth in the Global South. 

Laila is also Co-Founder of Artisan Ventures, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm with a focus on impact investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has a BA in Economics and International Development Studies from McGill University, and an MBA in Global Management from the University of Toronto

Joachim is a serial entrepreneur who believes in creating businesses that impact people & our world
positively. For him, it’s all about doing good by the three P’s People, Planet and Profit. He is a
Global citizen, Dutch by birth who has made Kenya his home.
His current 9 to 5 is as CEO of Highlands Drinks ltd, however, he is a man who wears many
leadership hats one of which is as Executive Chairman at Bio-Foods Kenya, one of Kenya’s leading
dairy food companies, Greenspoon a clean-eating E-commerce site where we sell honestly delicious
products, SamakGro- a fish feed producer in Kenya and Mawingu -Kenya’s largest internet service
provider (ISP) dedicated exclusively to the rural and peri-urban markets in the country. He is
currently in the process of setting up Maxim-in Kenya-a leading agricultural & agri-business input
provider. He is also co-founder and Chairman of ProFarm Pakistan, serving over 100,000 dairy
farmers in the market with products and support. Joachim is the co-founder of TBL Mirror Fund, a
private equity fund focused on Nigerian and East African SMEs, and the founder and owner of The
Blue Link, a double-bottom-line investment firm operating in East Africa and Pakistan.
Joachim previously served as COO of Shujaaz Inc, as well as COO of Cellulant, East and West
Africa’s leading indigenous payments firm. Joachim holds a degree from the University of

Executive Chairman – BioFoods 

CEO –  Highlands Drinks