B Lab Partners with UNGA’s SDG Action Zone for Global Goals Week

B Lab was a proud partner at this year’s UN General Assembly: SDG Action Zone: A collaborative space for engaging world leaders and emerging leaders to supercharge and accelerate solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the session, our Kenyan B Corporation (B Corp), BuildX Studio was part of a panel featuring other global B Corps Natura and the Goodr Co. to discuss responsible production and consumption and how to use business as a force for good to drive the exponential change that is so needed for the well-being of people and the planet.

Aside from calling on the general public to choose companies that, like B Corps, are using their business as a force for good, the diverse leaders from the B Corp movement invited other global business leaders to #TurnItAround for the Global Goals using the free SDG Action Manager. B Lab and the UNGC co-developed the SDG Action Manager to help businesses find their starting point on the global goals agenda, set goals and track progress goals ahead of the 2030 agenda.

For over a decade, B Corps have pioneered a better way of doing business and, in doing so, provided proof-of concept that a stakeholder-centric global economy is possible. These business leaders, like all of us, now find themselves asking what it means to deliver for a better world in the context of an unprecedented global crisis that has highlighted our interdependence and the urgency in collaborating for the 2030 Agenda. The recording from the session will be made available here for reference.


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