Pending B Corps

Program for startups and small businesses
committed to using business as a force for good

The Pending B Corp status is designed to give start-ups and smaller companies time to prepare for the rigorous process of full B Corp Certification.

Taking this step signals to current and future investors that a company measures and manages its social and environmental performance with the best tools available. It also demonstrates strong governance as the company must adopt a legal framework to protect its mission and brand equity.

Becoming a Pending B Corp is not the same as becoming a Certified B Corp. Pending B Corp status is finite; after being in operation* for a period of time determined by B Lab Africa, a company must go through the full verification process with B Lab. However, the Pending B Corp status can give companies a head start by taking these initial steps.

How to become a pending B Corp

Note that this process will vary depending on region and company size. Contact B Lab Africa for more information.

✓ Meet the legal accountability
requirement for B Corp Certification

The legal accountability requirement means you must incorporate stakeholder governance into the legal structure of your startup. This means that your company is legally accountable to people — your workers, customers, clients, and the communities in which you operate — and the planet.
Note: Companies in African countries without a legal framework are not eligible for Pending B Corp status.

✓ Complete and submit a prospective
B Impact Assessment:

By completing the B Impact Assessment, you’ll learn about B Corp standards and identify the right policies and practices to put in place as your company grows. Your prospective B Impact Assessment will not be verified by B Lab and you will not receive a verified score while you are a Pending B Corp. If you choose to continue on your pathway to become a Certified B Corp after one year of operations, please complete an updated assessment reporting on your company’s implemented practices where we can verify practices for full B Corp certification.

✓ Sign the Pending B Corp
agreement and pay a one-time fee

B Lab will provide you with a contractual agreement that outlines more details about Pending B Corp status. Fees for Pending B Corp are determined by B Lab Africa.

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