Members: team

Grace wachori

Grace is the Community Builder at B Lab East Africa. Prior to joining B lab East Africa, Grace worked as a Consultant Trainer and Programs Manager for projects geared at training community groups on Entrepreneurship and Wellness at Legado International, an organization she founded. She has over 5 years’ experience in Project Management and Training. […]

Ngwing Kimani

Ngwing is the Executive Director of B Lab East Africa. A not-for-profit organisation that supports, promotes and certifies for-profit companies using their business as a force for good. She serves on the Advisory Board of Laeteon Wealth Management Services Ltd. A firm she founded in 2009 to support individuals and businesses in achieving their financial […]

Lucy Muigai

Lucy Muigai has been working at B Lab East Africa for 3 years. She is the Head of Operations and a Community Builder, assisting to grow the community of B Corps in Africa. Prior to joining B Lab East Africa, Lucy had nine years of finance and operations experience in the private sector. Her prior […]

Victoria Gathogo

Victoria Gathogo is the head of Partnerships and Community engagement at B Lab East Africa. She is excited to grow the B movement in the region, working with diverse partners to drive greater impact in organizations through the use of our impact measurement tools. Prior to this role, Victoria managed operations and partnership development for […]

Trevor Kombo

Trevor is excited to be joining the team to facilitate 360-degree communications to support, amplify and grow the B Corp movement in Africa. As a communicator and collaborator, he strives to forge solid relationships and build consensus with strategic partners on the need to use Business as a Force for Good and the endless possibilities […]