Caroline Wanjiku

Caroline Wanjiku is the Managing Director, Africa at Digital Divide Data (DDD). An innovative and self motivated management professional, Caroline is passionate about entrepreneurship sensitization, development and growth in Africa through ICT innovations. She has over 10 years experience driving innovative research, marketing, operations; customer relationship, organizational development and management within the ICT sector specifically Business processing outsourcing. She has worked on profit and funded global projects delivering excellent service to her clients and improved livelihood to beneficiaries.

Caroline holds a Masters of Business Administration from University of Nairobi and Entrepreneurial Leadership and development from Portland States University (USA) where she interacted with big names in the impact entrepreneurship sector. Her undergraduate degree is Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration. She is also a graduate of the Stanford Seed transformation program. She has also trained with Acumen, Cherie Blair Foundation for women and International Trade Centre (ITC), Alibaba and UNCTAD E-Founders program among others.

Caroline is also a member of various bodies including, KNCCI, GISC, Kenya IT Outsourcing, Services, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, international Trade Centre (ITC), among others. Caroline has participated in numerous awards including International Trade Centre international awards and the Keroche Foundation awards.

In her private time, Caroline spares time to mentor upcoming women entrepreneurs in the ICT sector, speak at various events, and also spends time with friends and family — mainly her adorable intelligent daughter, Amara Wanjiru.