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Have a complaint?

B Lab prioritises responses to stakeholder inquiries and complaints, which can help us identify and take action on misconduct or misrepresentation by Certified B Corporations.  This formal complaint process is an essential component of our certification programme.


In many instances, there may be other mechanisms available to raise complaints or resolve disputes with a company, including communicating directly, engaging a third-party arbiter, or working with regulatory agencies or the legal system.

B Lab will investigate material, credible, and specific claims against a current B Corp in one of the two following categories:

If you have a complaint that you think falls within the parameters listed above, please submit a formal inquiry Standards Management team.

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Our mission is to accelerate a shift in how business is done in Africa. To redefine business success as not just for profit but also for a purpose. To encourage businesses to work for a positive impact for all stakeholders: workers, customers, community and the environment