Current Openings


Business Development Associate (Click here)

Application Deadline: 16 February, 2020


Communications & Marketing Intern (Click here)

Application Deadline: 31st January, 2020

Joining B Lab means living, sharing and promoting the organization’s core values relating to inclusion, diversity and gender equality.


B Lab East Africa believes an equitable and inclusive work environment and a diverse, empowered team are key to achieving our mission. We’re not looking for candidates who are “culture fits.” We’re looking for candidates who can expand our culture and challenge business as usual. We strive to foster an environment where all staff can bring their whole selves to work, by their own definition, and we strive to provide all candidates with an equitable and accessible recruitment process..

Please note that B lab does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process

Guiding Principles:

As people who are part of an organization that seeks to create a shared and durable prosperity we are…


  • We value and embrace diversity of identities, experiences, thoughts, needs, and approaches.
  • We communicate frequently, collaborate thoughtfully, learn from, challenge, and celebrate one another and our work.
  • We are transparent, quick to listen, and informed to act.
  • We give and seek continuous feedback and use every opportunity to learn.


  • We find leverage and spend our time on what is most important.
  • We take action on the urgency of our mission at a pace that doesn’t compromise engagement and care of people & place.
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We prioritize wellness and make time for fun and laughter.


  • We start at home — to change the system we must first challenge and change ourselves.
  • We remain agile – testing, iterating, and failing forward to find new solutions.
  • We welcome new ideas and ask ourselves tough questions to drive honest and transparent dialogue about the answers.
  • We embrace uncertainty and accountability.

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